How to Paint a Front Door

If you want to beautify the front of your house, you should paint the front door of your house to give it a fresh look. Important material that you need to Paint your house includes primer, exterior-grade paint, and wood filler. First of all, remove the front door from its hinges or use a cordless drill to unscrew the hinge from the door casing. While removing and reinstalling the front door, get assistant support to handle the heavy doors. Remove items from the door like doorknobs, locks, levers and safe all the items in Plastic bags.

Apply Painter Paint all the sections and clean the door with warm water and TSP. Skirting Boards Perth after washing the door, let the door completely dry before preceding it. If you are having an old door with lots of small holes and minor cracks, then you can use the putty knife and wood filler for patching them. If the door is an inaccurate condition, then you just must send it to enable a rough surface for the paint to stick.

Use a tack cloth and lightly wipe down all the surface of the door to remove all the dust but you don't need to press it hard that can embed beeswax into the door surface. Apply a primer to the door and then apply a second coat of primer to completely cover the thin sections of the door. Primer doesn't take long time to dry so you can apply the second coat of primer after 30 to 50 seconds. Use a paintbrush to paint the door with the color coat.

Multiple thin coats are always better than thick coats. Once the door top section and edges of the door are finished allowing 2 hours before applying the second coat. After the paint has dried, you can re-hang the door. If you are still confused about any step, then visit Skirting Boards Perth to speak with professional.